for blind dogs





Dogs, such as blind dogs, which are essential to life, and which are therefore particularly important for their owner or mistress, are particularly important to us.

They need special protection from rain and snow and a simple handling of the functional clothing for the owner.

Blind dog owners have decided, for example, for the RAINDROP model from the 2017 collection.

For long walks or shopping the animals are kept dry and freezing.

The inside of the coat is equipped with a velvety covering. And therefore it can be distinguished from the water-repellent outer side. In addition, the inside feels very cuddly and cuddly for the four-legged.

The velcro closure makes the rain coat comfortable and quick to pull on / off. The coat can not be pinched. The freedom of movement remains guaranteed despite the harness.

After walking in the rain, now only the paws and the head must be rubbed dry.

We would be happy to design a model with you as a result of your personal ideas. Please contact us.