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FRANZI ©OUTURE is a trademark of „Modeatelier Waltraud Wistuba“.

Atelier Wistuba is for more then 40 years active in Bavaria in custom made dresses like wedding dresses and evening gowns as well as business dresses or traditional costumes for ladies and men and fashion accessories.

In 2014 we received our first dachs-hound puppy-dog "Sissy". We felt in Love immediately. Since this time we prepared lots of costumes for the  “little princess” to make her prepared for every occasion and to save her from adverse weather condition like rain or wind.

Many people asked us where to buy this dresses especially custom made for the measures of their own dogs.

So we decided to develop different models for all breads (races), which differ in breast and neck girth as well as back length and offer optimized fit an mobility.

On addition we decided to create e.g. stylish bags for little dogs (or even no dog). "Sissy" loves to be carried in bags.

We only work with high-class and sustainable materials and produce custom-made in Germany.

If you have your own ideas and inspirations, please contact us via email: or call us monday to friday between 9:00 and 18:00 CET under +49 179 4635556.